Extraordinary Gazettes

Number Date Description Download
2203/38 2020-11-28 Land Acquisition - Welawela, Yatawatta D/S Division, Matale District - Galagama, Yatawatta D/S Division, Malale District E  |  සි   
2203/39 2020-11-28 Ministry of Ports & Shipping - Amend to the Ex.Gaz.No. 2195/26 of 29th September 2020 E  |  සි   
2203/35 2020-11-27 Land Acquisition - Madumana, Galgedewala, Laggala-Pallegama D/S Division,Matale District and Watagodawatta, Nuwaraeliya D/S Division, Nuwaraeliya District E  |  සි   
2203/36 2020-11-27 Land Acquisition - Compensations for the acquisitions of the Lands in Dewalawatta, Chilaw and Hiddahandiwatta, Balapitiya E  |  සි   
2203/28 2020-11-26 Governor's Office - Western Province - Tax for Entertainment Activities E  |  සි   
2203/29 2020-11-26 Land Acquisition - Thalagoda, Naula D/S Division, Matale District and Rambukoluwa, Laggala-Pallegama D/S Division, Matale District E  |  සි   
2203/30 2020-11-26 Election Commission - Declare that W. M. G. Kumarihami as a member of the Mahawa Pradeshiya Sabha E  |  සි   
2203/31 2020-11-26 Land Acquisition - Halangoda, Ukuwela D/S Division, Matale District E  |  සි   
2203/32 2020-11-26 Land Acquisition - Padiyapellella, Walapane D/S Division, Nuwara-Eliya District E  |  සි   
2203/33 2020-11-26 Presidential Secretariat - His Excellency the President has Charge Two Ministries, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Technology. Relinquished Office of the State Ministers with effect From 26.11.2020, Appoint Hon Sarath Weerasekara, MP as Minister of Public Security with effect from 26.11.2020 - Appoint Hon. Chamal Rajapaksha MP as State Minister of National Security Home Affairs and Diaster Management with effect from 26.11.2020 E  |  සි   
2203/34 2020-11-26 Department of Archaeological - Area Comprising the Delft Island ruin monastry Complex - Archaeological Reserve E  |  සි   
2203/20 2020-11-25 Department of Census & Statistics - The National Consumer Price Index - October 2020 E  |  සි   
2203/21 2020-11-25 Ministry of Labour - Industrial Disputes between ; R. P. A. Sagara Vs SL Ports Authority ; C. P. Samaradheera Vs. Vocational Training Authority, K. P. Premasiri Vs. Sri Lanka Transtport Board E  |  සි   
2203/22 2020-11-25 Ministry of Labour - Industrial Disputes between ; K. W. R. Sisira Vs Lanka Electricity Company; S. Widesooriya Vs National Gem & Jewellary Authority; J. R. Sanarakoon Vs SL Airlines Limited E  |  සි   
2203/23 2020-11-25 Ministry of Labour - Industrial Disputes between ; P. A. K. Pradeep Vs SL Transport Board; United Tea, Rubber & Local Produce Workers' Union Vs Finlays Colombo Ltd; and I. B. Fernando Vs SL Broadcasting Corporation E  |  සි   
2203/24 2020-11-25 Land Acquisition - Pelenwattha, Kesbewa D/S Division, Colombo District E  |  සි   
2203/25 2020-11-25 Election Commission - Declare the new members of the Colombo Municipal Council; Galgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha and Lahugala Pradeshiya Sabha E  |  සි   
2203/26 2020-11-25 Land Acquisition - Kirioya, Elahera D/S Division, Polonnaruwa District and amendments D/S Division, Thihagoda and D/S Division, Thimbirigasyaya E  |  සි   
2203/27 2020-11-25 Governor's Office - Western Province - Rules of Disciplinary Procedure of the Public Service E  |  සි   
2203/08 2020-11-24 Ministry of Education - Service Minute of the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service 04th Amendment E  |  සි   
2203/09 2020-11-24 Election Commission - A member of the Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha has Vacated his Office of member of That Pradeshiya Sabha E  |  සි   
2203/10 2020-11-24 Election Commission - Declare that D. W. B. K. Rohana as a member of the Ambalantota Pradeshiya Sabha E  |  සි   
2203/11 2020-11-24 Election Commission - Declare that, D. M. Rathnayaka as a member of the Siyambalanduwa Pradeshiya Sabha E  |  සි   
2203/12 2020-11-24 Election Commission - Declare that, M. A. V. Donal Nilantha as a member of the Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha E  |  සි   
2203/13 2020-11-24 Election Commission - Declare that, K. Thiruchelvam as a member of the Trincomalee Urban Council E  |  සි